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Pearl Blakk.
earl's new and exciting range is about to land.

Our garments are beautifully printed, painted art piece sarongs and structured garments of relaxed fit, non-gender specific designs. The garments will be available to retailers in four different art works on five different garments in sizes Small to Medium, Medium to Large and Large to X-Large in a staggered first release. Retailers will be able to access bespoke, small order, size selection to help reduce fashion waste and dead stoke. The garments will be designed in Australia and constructed by older Ateliers in the Northern Rivers area of NSW who find it difficult to find sustainable work.

The textiles we use are all natural fibers and printed in Bali by an Oeko-Tex 100 certified Digital Printer. I was so excited when I visited the printer in Bali and discovered the printing and work practices in place were compatible with our own ethics. Together we can produce garments which are not only beautiful, but are also not harmful to humans or the planet. The certification means that there are no harmful chemicals in the textile. The printing ink is re-used and no dyes or toxic chemicals are released into the water ways of Bali.

Pearl Blakk is about Australian designed, Australian made, current Australian Artists and natural fibers, ethical practices and clothing comfort. Combined in a unique and well crafted range of clothing made to wear from bed to brunch and back again.

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